Homeowners Getting Oil Tank Removal in Westchester NY

How should you pay for the cost of oil tank removal in Westchester NY? That is the question that homeowners, facility managers, and business owners will blurt out normally during the beginning of a call to a removal company. This question Does not necessarily have an easy answer.

oil tank removal in westchester ny

The reason the cost of a tank removal is not so cut and dry it’s because the final tally depends on a number of variables. It it was just based on someone going grabbing the tank and leaving there and companies could have a cookie cutter price sheet. But like everything else in life, it’s not that simple.

Generally, above ground tank’s are the easiest to remove. Now I see generally it’s because The assumption is that there is plenty of space around the tank in order to remove it. The problem occurs in a above ground tanks is when it starts somewhere in a basement surrounded by pillars with no real way to dismantle it easily. That of course will drive up the cost of oil tank removal in Westchester NY  because it will take more time to safely remove the oil tank piece by piece.

Underground oil tank removal is a whole other animal. Normally it will be under bricks or concrete. This obviously creates a unique situation. Is there enough space around the tank to use a backhoe. If there’s not then a jackhammer will need to be used. Depending on the locality in Westchester N Y, additional permitting maybe needed to use construction equipment.

What can really drive up the cost if the soil is saturated in a while. Technically if there’s any oil in the ground, that may be considered an environmental issue. Though, some companies may just scrape up the oil and call it a day. As I mentioned before, if the ground is soaked with oil, that is something that a simple scraping of soil will resolve. This will require major soil remediation.

Soil remediation is very costly. Anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 dollars or even higher can be spent in the process. hopefully you will not go through this process, but that depends on what is found during the removal of the oil tank. Believe me, no company is going to jeopardize their license to hide a major oil tank removal in Westchester N Y problem.

Assuming you don’t have a soil issue the average cost of oil tank removal in Westchester NY Will be about $850. Obviously this will go up or down depending on the tank size and whether it’s above ground or below ground. But this is a good marker for you to gauge what is the out-of-pocket costs.